The Great Hibernation by Tara Dairman

Description (from Goodreads)

The most important tradition in tiny St. Polonius-on-the-Fjord is the annual Tasting of the Sacred Bear Liver. Each citizen over twelve must eat one bite of liver to prevent the recurrence of the Great Hibernation, when the town founder’s fell asleep for months.

This year is Jean Huddy’s first time to taste the liver. It doesn’t go well. A few hours later, all the adults fall asleep. And no one can wake them.

The kids are left to run things, and they’re having a blast. That is, until the town bullies take over the mayor’s office and the police force.

Jean suspects that this “hibernation” was actually engineered by someone in town. She starts to investigate, and inspires other kids to join her in a secret plan to save St. Polonius.

great hibernation

My thoughts

I absolutely loved this book. After reading all three books in the “All Four Stars” series I had to read this one, and it doesn’t disappoint. Set on a fjord (how awesome is that), the story weaves its way through a cast of intriguing characters with plenty of twists along the way. I really love winter mysteries and with a plot surrounding the annual tasting of the sacred bear liver, I couldn’t leave this one on the shelf. This cozy, fun novel earns my pick as fave seasonal shenanigans.

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