I’m not big on resolutions but figured the blog was the best place for me to document my plans for 2018. In June I’ll do a mid-year recap to see where I am or if I’m publicly embarrasing myself on the Internet. Then at year end I’ll come back and proudly declare that I smashed every goal on the list and then some.

I’m a mom of a toddler with a full-time job so my goals are fairly modest. Personal goals aren’t listed here because to be honest, post-partum weight loss goals probably aren’t that interesting.

Blogging goals

  1. Post twice monthly (1st and 3rd Mondays)
  2. Participate in Middle Grade specific memes
  3. Create an editorial calendar and planned posts for the month ahead
  4. Draft 3 blog posts a month
  5. Share bi-monthly goals and follow up with achievements/shortcomings

Writing goals

  1. Finish first draft of MG Adventure project by end February 2018
  2. Outline first book in MG (tween) series by end February 2018
  3. Complete first round of edits for MG Adventure by end April 2018
  4. Write at least 50 pages of MG tween project by end April 2018
  5. Beta-reading phase and final edits of MG Adventure by June 2018
  6. Query agents for MG Adventure project in August 2018
  7. Write at least 50 pages of MG Contemporary project by October 2018
  8. Research and outline MG Caribbean folklore project by August 2018
  9. Finish first draft of MG tween project by end August 2018
  10. Finish first draft of MG Horror project by October 2018
  11. Write at least 30 pages of MG Caribbean folklore project by December 2018
  12. Attend a writing conference
  13. Participate in #PitMad on Twitter
  14. Participate in #DVPit
  15. Participate in #PitchWars on Twitter
  16. Find at least two new critique partners
  17. Enter Frank Collymore Literary Endowment (Barbados)
  18. Participate in NIFCA (Barbados)

Reading goals

  1. Read 12 middle grade books
  2. Read 9 books of any genre
  3. Read 4 self-improvement/productivity books
  4. Limit purchases of new books until I’ve read all the ones stacking up in the Kindle/Nook.

I find setting bi-monthly goals easier to digest than monthly goals which sometimes turn out to be unrealistic in the first place. I’ll update how I’m doing and maybe share my organizational strategies (if this all doesn’t go boom).

What about you?

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