One way I’m holding myself accountable to my writing goals is through an end of the month work-in-progress (WIP) update.  

What am I working on?

I’m currently working on a middle grade adventure (working title: The Treehouse Society). After way too many revisions of the outline, my first draft sits at about 30,000 and I’m slogging my way through the middle. I see why they call it the muddy middle: this is tough y’all.

In the beginning of the story, I couldn’t wait to get to this section where the action is building with tons of actions and reactions. But now that I’m here, the writing is dragging. I can’t seem to make the sentences fit together. Everything feels clumsy and chunky on the page. I’m trying not to edit as I go because if I do – I’ll never reach the end.

This summer will be four years since I got the idea and started working on this novel, albeit the idea I had back then was way different and the entire plot has evolved since then. I wouldn’t say that I’ve wasted four years because I’ve learned so much about writing since I started this journey.

Although I only added 4,000 to my word count this month, I still feel that I accomplished a lot. I edited my opening chapter, updated the outline with a few new ideas/scenes. As far as my writing process goes, it varies. Right now I’m finding that making mini-outlines of the scene before I begin writing is really helping me to organize my thoughts. My writing time is limited with work/family obligations so I’m open to any and all methods that can help me get some words on the page.

I also started a short story (One Hundred Moons) this month and ideally I’d like to finish by end of March. Right now One Hundred Moons stands at about 350 words. I don’t have an outline so I’ll just fly by the seat of my pants for this one. Pantsing is fun for shorter projects.

I was hoping to complete the first draft of The Treehouse Society by end of February so I’ll need a new plan (and a miracle) going into February.

Well readers, that’s it for January 2018. Feel free to drop your words of wisdom in the comments.

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