Pinterest is all about ideas and images.

It is a social networking site where people share images (and videos) that they find interesting. Think of it as a virtual corkboard where users view boards and create themed boards by ‘pinning’ images from other users.

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You can create boards about anything, wedding cakes, cars, holiday destinations, decor and recipes. Pinterest has also become a platform used by authors to release content, teasers, and to market and promote their books. 

But what about using Pinterest during the writing process?

Here are a few ways to use Pinterest for fiction writing.


Research and Organization

Writers spend more than their fair share of time browsing the internet (procrastination much?) Instead of bookmarking information, save all your ‘Pins’ onto relevant boards for future reference. I have special boards for writing prompts, writing articles and editing tips. I use Pinterest as a virtual scrapbook where I create boards for my current WIP (work-in-progress) while I consider ideas for settings, plot and characterization.

Pinterest is a great place to research and organize your writing. Save all your writing tips and articles in one place. One of the things I love about Pinterest boards is that you can create sections. For my writing tips board, I’ve created sections such as Revision, Query, Structure and Prompts.

You can find writing resources and tips about everything from first chapters, master lists of descriptions, tips for creating characters and writing prompts to get you warmed up.  


Create vivid settings



My current WIP takes place in a rainforest. My inspiration board features tons of greenery, tropical birds, rivers and secret passages. I even saved travel pins about ‘Things to do in Costa Rica’ and got a trove of ideas for some adventure scenes.


I love design and decor boards and I’ve used them for inspiration for another WIP. The character is a tween girl and I searched Pinterest for teen decor and I got great ideas for decor and color schemes. What’s the layout of the home? My board features images of the kitchen, living room and neighborhood (East Village in Manhattan).  When it’s time to write, I can easily refresh my memory by scrolling through the settings board.

Steampunk anyone?



Are you writing a historical novel? Create special boards to capture how people dressed, period furniture and gadget. Create boards filled with decorative goggles, pocket chains, leather pouches, corsets and Victorian-era ruffle skirts.

Create character boards


rasta mouse

What do your characters look like? Build your dream cast by adding images that resemble your characters. Explore your characters. What does your character like to do? Pin recipes of your characters fave foods/cookies/milkshakes etc. Images may spark fresh ideas for your story.

If you’re the type of writer who likes to know your character inside out, you might consider creating psychological profiles for your characters. Pinterest is full of infographics and articles about Myer Briggs personality types.

This year I’m also using Pinterest to track books read in 2018. I’m not a heavy user of Goodreads so I’m pinning the book covers on a Pinterest board instead.

Pinterest is fun, highly addictive and a key component of my writing toolkit.

What about you?

Happy Writing