Can’t believe it’s March already!

I started 2018 full of determination and so far it’s holding. I set a ton of ambitious goals for January/February, so how did it go?

Finish first draft of MG Adventure

I didn’t finish the draft but I still call a win on this one.

In January I signed up for an online course with the Children’s Book Academy, ‘Middle Grade Mastery’ and opted in for an hour long critique with an editor. All I can say is wow. I highly recommend courses by Mira and her team. The critique really helped me to reframe the story and bring the action closer to the forefront. What this also meant, was that, once again I was taking the story apart and piecing it back together. I did an updated outline and came up with a new plan.

StoryStorm was a really fun month-long story brainstorming event. At the end of January I came up with 32 story ideas. Many are garbage but there just might be a few gems in there.

So on to my bi-monthly goals for March and April.

My MarchApril Bi-Monthly Goals

Camp NanoWriMo should be fun. I hope to finish the first draft of my Middle Grade Adventure novel during Camp Nano.  I’ll be using Story Toolz to track my word count.

One Hundred Moons is a short story about a fisherman adrift. I have no outline for this, I’m just winging it. I’m itching to work on my tween novel, you guys. But patience, young grasshopper, I need to get the adventure novel done first.

About two years ago, I had an idea for a dystopian novel set on a futuristic Barbados. I had ideas for characters but the plot was wobbly. Late last year, after a sudden burst of inspiration, I wrote the outline in a week but I still wasn’t ready to write. There were too many missing pieces about the world, especially relating to the political system. I’ll be fleshing out the details and updating the outline as necessary.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Happy Writing