So here we are at the end of April 2017!


I’ve been crazy busy and I’m still struggling with balancing writing with the requirements of a full-time job.  I haven’t really been blogging because let’s be honest – blogging is also a form of procrastination when you’re supposed to be writing.

So let’s take a look at those bi-monthly goals shall we?

  • Finish first draft of MG adventure novel. (Technically a fail since I didn’t finish – but after receiving feedback on my first pages I decided to do a full revision of everything I’d written up to that point. I actually have a much stronger draft to build on now.
  • Join Camp NaNoWriMo and write 20,000 words. (I abandoned this goal when I Fail – didn’t bother with this because the focus was on editing. So with all the edits, (including deleting a ridiculous amount of pages) I added just over 6,000 new words, taking me up to 32,000 words. Camp NaNo and revising were not compatible – not sure what I was thinking. Actually no, at the time the plan was to just continue writing and push through to the finish…that was until I got the feedback on my pages.
  • Write three chapters of MG tween novel. (Fail. I wrote one chapter and stopped. Best to focus on one project at a time. My main focus is on finishing the adventure novel.)
  • Finish short story ‘One Hundred Moons’. Done. It’s a really, really short story. Will revisit and flesh out at some point.
  • Create worldbuilding document for YA/Dystopian novel idea. Done. Note that this is a living document and I’m still adding all the ideas as they come to me. No idea when I’ll get to write this but I’m building a great repository for when its go-time.

I could have done a lot better but I’m doing the best I can with the time I have. Still there’s room for improvement, but looking back on these goals, I’ve been clearly over ambitious, but that’s the thing about accountability. My bi-monthly goals for May/June will be much more reasonable.

Nonetheless, great things happened in April!

I’ve been spending a lot more time, mingling (more like lurking) with the writing community on Twitter. I’ve interacted on a few hastags with writers and agents alike. I won a Twitter first chapter critique, and received awesome feedback. And I also won a query letter critique – which was amazing since I think my query sucks. I think I’ll write a post about why writers need to be on Twitter.

Bi-monthly goals for May/June

  • Finish 1st draft of MG adventure novel
  • Complete revision draft of novel and send to critique partners.


Keeping it simple.


Happy Writing