WIP progress

Still ploding away at draft zero folks.

Current word count for my middle grade adventure novel (working title Code Green Society) stands at about 48,000 words. I’m looking forward to typing ‘The End’ on this manuscript. How should I celebrate?

Chilled bottle of Proseco?

Somehow I feel like this is leading up to an uber emotional moment…


I’m using the standard three act structure and I’m just about wrapping up Act Two. Feels good to be clearing the fog of the muddy middle…and man was it muddy. Based on the three-act structure (Act 1 – 25%, Act 2 – 50%, Act 3 – 25%), I’m about to start the final third of the story, and the most exciting part…where all the characters come together to save the day!!

The beginning of the story needs a major revamp but I’m not even looking at it until draft zero is done.



Writing this story has been so humbling. In many ways this is my practice book. The book that’s taught me about writing a book. It will also be the book that teaches me about revising.

I’m looking forward to the revision. As I write, I’m already making a list of comments to be tackled at the revision stage. In any case, I’ll cross that fiery bridge when I get there. Current target to finish this book is end of September. Yes, for real this time.


As a planner it as really important for me to figure out the big pieces of the story before starting writing. By big pieces I’m talking about objective of the story, the hook, the stakes, the characters and their motivations. Without having these clearly established, I had a ton of false starts. I lost count of the number of times I  went back to the beginning and deleted scenes and started over. Looking back, I should have just pushed through this horrible skeleton draft to the end and then tackle the story top to bottom. Though it was a major time suck, it taught me a lot about about the importance and interconnectedness of plot and character.




Other August activities

The 365 Writing Challenge – this is where I write something everyday. A few sentences of prose, maybe a short poem, the first line of a potential story, a writing prompt…pretty much ANYTHING.  I started this challenge on 10 August and I’m happy to say that I’ve stuck with it so far. Maybe I’ll make a blog post sharing some of what I wrote.

Books read in August

Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed (Middle Grade)

The Serpent’s Secret by Sayantani DasGupta (Middle Grade)

Wrong in All the Right Ways by Tiffany Brownlee (Young Adult)

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus (Young Adult)


How do you make that final push to the finish line? Share in the comments.

Happy Writing