I celebrated my one year blogging anniversary this month.

This is a story best told in GIFs…

December 2017

I tell myself…”Self, you should start a blog”. Yes, another one. How many blogs have I ditched? I want to a published author one day, so why not share the writing journey. Maybe my experience can help someone else. The main thing about starting a blog is having something to say so why not….

I quickly jump on the bandwagon (never do this) and participate in #MGBookMas, sharing middle grade books. This turned out to be a huge time suck. By the end of the hashtag event, I decide not to participate in any future hashtag events.

2018 is around the corner. Total posts for the month: 12


January 2018

First day of 2018, I promptly post a ‘Writing and Reading Goals for 2018’ post in which I declare 2018 to be my b*tch. I’m in it to win it. (In retrospect, these goals were entirely overly amitious and the exact opposite of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound).

I made my first Bi-Monthly Goals posts for January/February because monthly goals are way too restrictive.  To distract myself from the stress of my work-in-progress (WIP) I decide to do post a monthly flash fiction photo prompt. I’m just bubbling over with ideas. I end the month with a WIP Monthly Update post. Feeling pretty darn good here. Total posts for the month: 5


February 2018

I finetuned my blogging plan (wasn’t really much of a plan now that I think about it). Research blog topics and decide that sharing my own writing process is a good place to start. I posted a Flash Fiction Photo prompt and shared information on how I use Pinterest as a writer and my thoughts on finding time to writeTotal posts for the month: 3


March 2018

Life takes over. Focus is on the WIP. The toddler has me on my toes. My parents are planning a visit. I just finished a course on writing for children. I get really good feedback but the WIP is riddled with plot problems and I don’t have answers. The WIP stalls. I have a one-on-one session with an editor and she’s really helpful. I make major changes to my outline and decide to start the novel from scratch. Yikes!!!! Total posts for the month: 1


April 2018

The Flash Fiction Photo Challenge is the only post that goes up this month. With limited time to write, I’ve got to focus on the novel…can’t really spare the time right now to draft blog posts. This isn’t how I pictured my new blog. I picked up a few followers and I’m feeling a tad pressured to produce content for the blog. Total posts for the month: 1


May 2018

I manage to post a round up of my Bi-Monthly goals for March and April. My drafts folder is growing but nothing is in publishable state. Where does the time go? I decide that blogging at least once a month will have to suffice…for now. Total posts for the month: 1


June 2018

I don’t even manage an original post. Instead I share a really great article by my dream agent about questions to ask an agent. I probably shared this so that it’s easy for me to find later. Epic fail. Ain’t feeling so great about the blog at this point. Even the Flash Fiction Photo prompt has crashed and burned at this point. Somewhere along the way I decide to change the name of the blog. Total posts for the month: 1


August 2018

Wait…what happened to July? How do people keep this up? Starting to wonder if I’m too old to blog. Maybe I should just stick to adulting. I haven’t declared any Bi-Monthly goals. Ten unfinished blog posts stare back at me from the drafts folder. What. Is. Going. On? I drop an August update and a post about getting back on track in which I share good news about said WIP. It’s great interacting with the writing community and seeing what other writers are up to. Total posts for the month: 2


September 2018

So the Flash Fiction prompt thing is dead in the water. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I share a review of a writing craft book. If you’re serious about writing, you should be reading craft books. Not every piece of advice may work for you but take what you can and apply it to your work. Can’t say how often I’ll post craft book reviews but I’m definitely putting this on the rotation. By the way, I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT OF MY WIP!!!!!! I’m not giving up on this little ole blog, y’all. Total posts for the month: 2


October 2018

I’m tired. Can’t remember when last I had a vacation. The toddler is a picky eater and I’m breaking my head to find food that he likes. Currently taking a break from writing. Finishing the WIP was like a candy splurge high, now I’m dealing with the crash. I share my September update and indulge in a bit of self-care. I look back at my writing resolutions (who told me to do that?) and I haven’t done half the things on there. Big plans. No results. This is exactly why some people don’t make new year resolutions. Sure I achieved a few things, yay for me, but it’s the stuff that I didn’t do, that bothers me most. Creative burnout is actually a real thing. Total posts for the month: 1


December 2018

Guess what, I took a November blogging hiatus. Revisions of the WIP are happening! And it’s tough! What a year though. The blog is still here and I’m going to continue into 2019. Respect to the bloggers who post daily and weekly. I’m inspired.

For 2019, I’ll try to be more disciplined and take a structured approach this time by scheduling posts in advance. The WIP updates are a great accountability tool. I highly recommend. Still, I’m a writer and writers write. My writing projects will always come first. The blog is the companion. This past year, I learned what worked for me as a blogger and what didn’t. I ordered a new 2019 Erin Condren planner and I’ll use it to organize myself (if it ever arrives..I ordered it since November 23, what’s up EC?)

Looking forward to sharing my journey in 2019.  Total posts for the month, so far: 3

Mandatory end of the year update is coming and I think I’ll embarrass myself on the Internet again with my writing and reading resolutions for 2019, but this time with do-able goals.

Happy Holidays everyone!!