Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

I’m a big fan of You Tube.

There are videos for everyone at any stage in their writing life. Over the years I’ve gravitated to a few key vloggers for advice when it comes to writing, and now that I’m at the revision stage, I’ve dug out the videos on my Favorites list with the most useful advice to guide me through what is now the second draft.

If you’re at the revision stage or if you’re still drafting but interested in knowing what to expect next, then I highly recommend you check out these videos.

1. Alexa Donne

  • Core issues to identify in your manuscript
  • Suggests online resources for revision
  • How to make a revision plan and sticking to it
  • How long does the average revision take?


2. Kristen Martin

  • Skip ahead to 2:48 for the revision tips
  • Talks about the 4 main types of editing: Checking for mistakes, Cutting, Adding, Refining
  • How she uses different codes in the manuscript to organize the revisions


3. Kim Chance

  • Difference between revision and editing
  • Importance of setting in the story
  • Dynamic characters
  • Plot, plot…writing scenes with purpose


4. Jenna Moreci

  • DISCLAIMER: Jenna’s a bit of a cuss-bird…
  • Talks about the ‘editing as you go’ approach
  • Looking at developmental edits
  • Incorporating beta reader feedback


5. Ellen Brock

  • Shares editing tools she uses with clients
  • Benefits of an outlining and revision plan


6. Vivian Reis

  • Creating a list of things to change, scenes to add
  • Using Scrivener for revision


7. Kat Cho

  • Shares how she tackles big picture (structural) edits
  • Revision for pantsers
  • Backwards outlining approach
  • Reading your manuscript for conflict, concept and characters

I hope you found these videos helpful. How do you revise? Do you have any go-to resources for revision?

Chat next time.