How many drafts do you write?

I’m happy to report that after about nine months, I have 64,813 words of a book-shaped thing. My second draft focused mainly on filling in the plot holes of the first draft. I never thought it would take this long, but I’m glad I pushed through. Shout out to the writers able to push out a draft in ninety days.

Camp NaNoWriMo begins today and my goal for July is to start and finish Draft No. 3 by reviewing my subplots and character arcs. It’s tempting to want to revise everything at once; character arcs, setting, descriptions and dialogue, but I prefer to approach each draft with draft with a specific focus. Some writers create multiple drafts before even submitting to beta readers. I’ve read author interviews where they revised upward of ten times. It takes a lot of passion to read and rewrite the same book over and over and over, but I suppose that if with each revision the story gets better, it makes it a bit more palpable.

To celebrate finishing another draft I wrote a short story. There’s something deeply rewarding about starting and finishing a story within a short time frame. A beginning, middle and ending – all under 3,000 words.

So cheers to July and more revision hell. Look out for my weekly Camp NaNo updates!

Happy writing!!