If you’re a writer, you must have heard about NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month, where the goal is to write 50,000 words during the month of November.

Camp NaNo is a variation of this madness, taking place in April and July of each year. However, Camp NaNo is less rigid in that the writer sets their own goals, whether to write an entirely new novel, revise and edit an existing one, or achieve a specific word count on an existing project.

My goal for Camp NaNo: Start and finish the third draft of my middle grade novel. In this draft I’m looking for any plot discrepancies and working on the character arcs.

Week One Recap

  • I printed the manuscript. I’m starting out with 64,813 words, 35 chapters and 319 pages. I think the word count is a bit too high for middle grade, recommended word count is anywhere from 30,000-58,000. I’m not concerned too much about this because I’ll be adding and deleting as I go.
  • I took note of all comments I made on the page while on the second draft. I have a way of making ‘notes to self’ as I write. After printing the manuscript, I went page-by-page, making additional notes in my project journal and came up with a list of edits.
  • While reading the draft, I developed a glossary of all the characters, descriptions and everything I’ve said about them. This will help me keep it all together. Some writers develop detailed character sheets for this in advance, I’ve tried this before but always end up deviating from the script.  I’ve already picked up a character who starts out with thick eyebrows and a limp and towards the end of the story there’s no mention of the limp and the thick eyebrows have morphed into a thin, scraggly unibrow…
  • Number of chapters revised: 1

With all the note taking out of the way, I plan to get deeper into the revisions in the coming weeks.

I’ll check in again next week with the Week Two recap.  Until then, happy writing.