Catch up with previous Camp NaNo updates for weeks one and two.

I took my laptop to work this week and reclaimed my lunch hour for revising, except for Friday when I telecommuted and spent the entire day on work stuff! (Can you imagine?)

Camp NaNo is great for chasing targets but revision isn’t something that can be rushed. Not if you actually want to improve the manuscript. Revision is about review, deconstruction and rebuilding a better version of what you had before. It’s about removing what doesn’t work and strengthening what does. It’s taking the manuscript apart and piecing it back together and maybe those parts you loved writing no longer have a home.

So while I’d initially set out to use this month to revise, I realized that for me, Camp NaNo is less about hitting page targets and more an exercise in accountability. I’ve made a commitment to revising every day and so far I’m showing up for the work.

Number of chapters revised: 6

I added some words – cut some words. Overall the word count is down to 61, 950 after starting out at 64,813. Target for this draft is 53,000 or less.

I’ll be taking the laptop to work again this week so I’m expecting good things!

Until next time.