Revision is hard.

Converting the story in your head into words on the page is tough. I had a slow week of revisions. Even with taking my laptop to work, I still didn’t manage to write during my writing lunch hour for two days and it left me feeling bummed.

I set a target of revising a minimum of one chapter a day. On a good day, I managed 1.5 chapters. On a really good day, two chapters. That was until I hit chapter 18.

Chapter 18 required a major rewrite. I deleted paragraphs and wrote new ones. I shuffled around the sequence of events. I spent three days revising a single chapter. This, writer friends, is what revision looks like. I flipped through the printed manuscript and chapters 19 through 23 are packed with handwritten notes. There is much work to be done.

Having an organized approach to revision is key, whether you’re using in-line comments or a notebook or a separate page with issues to be addressed. Even though I’m not progressing as quickly as I would like, I feel good about my process. It’s easy to become overwhelmed in what feels like a muddy word stew.

Number of chapters revised: 4

Word count: 60,888 (started at 64,813)

There are three more days to CampNaNo and I’ll try to maintain the momentum into August. The target is to finish this draft by the end of August and subsequent drafts, focussing on description/setting and dialogue by the end of October.

If this all goes according to plan (crossing all fingers and toes here) I’ll start querying agents in November. Anyway, let me not get too far ahead of myself here.

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Until next time,