So here’s what happened in July.

At the last minute I decided to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo with a target to revise my middle grade novel. I didn’t achieve the goal of revising the entire novel but I did make significant headway.

I started out with 64,813 words, 35 chapters and 319 pages.

I ended Camp NaNo with 61,000, 35 chapters and 291 pages.

I revised 20 of 35 chapters, with some chapters requiring heaving revision and rewriting. I’m now slogging through the muddy middle, and looking forward to my upcoming vacation time where I can (if toddler allows) complete this third draft by month end.

The manuscript is slowly taking shape, shifting into the story I envisioned. I’m working with a printed version of my manuscript, full of scribbles and mini-word clouds to improve descriptions. The deeper I dive into the revisions, it feels like I’m wading through quicksand. My notes are the only thing keeping my head above the surface while I teeter from one chapter to the next.

Progress is slow, but it’s still progress.

And that’s all that matters right?

Until next time,