Let me scream this from the mountain top….I’m an Author Mentor Match mentee!!!!!!!


Now let’s back up.

What is Author Mentor Match?

Author Mentor Match (AMM) pairs unagented, aspiring writers with mentors to help them with their manuscripts and guide them through the publishing process. Mentees can apply to up to four possible mentors, submitting general information about themselves and their book via a submission form, then emailing their query, 1-2 page synopsis, and first three chapters or first 50 pages.

I debated for weeks whether I should enter or not. As the deadline in February approached, I wondered if my manuscript was ready, even though I’d just finished the sixth draft and knew that it still needed work. Hours before the deadline, I decided to go for it. I submitted my materials…and immediately panicked.


When I got an email saying that the mentors wanted to read more, I dove into the manuscript for a quick re-read before sending it off. Then I waited…and waited…and decided to work on another middle grade project to take my mind of everything, and to stop me from checking Twitter every other minute.

On March 3, I got the best news ever….I was selected as a mentee!!!!!! I’m working with the amazing J.Elle.


You guys…..

Jess gave the most amazing feedback on my book. All of the problematic areas she pointed out were the areas where I had the most challenges. She zoomed straight to the heart of my story and gave me invaluable feedback on how to fix it, and I have never been more grateful.

We’re still in the character development/motivation and outlining stages but I can already see the positive shift in the story and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Revision is a process but working with a mentor is like having that voice that reassures you when you’re going in the right direction and gently puts you back on course when you start to drift.

Really looking forward to what comes next.