The Quarantine Edition

I’ve been at home since March 12th since my office moved to full time telecommuting. I’m grateful to have a job during this stressful and destabilizing time but focusing has been hard and my writing productivity has taken a big hit.

I used to do most of my reading during my commute so I’m not reading as much, even though my TBR is getting out of control, thanks to Twitter. I’m about 2-3 books behind on my Goodreads challenge which feels frivolous now with everything going on. At home,  work and homeschooling/entertaining the toddler have become the priority and writing has been pushed even further down the totem pole.


So what have I actually been doing?

Plot. Plot. And more plot.

Working with my Author Mentor Match mentor, I created an outline of my current novel (apparently this is called reverse outlining) and we used this as the starting point of a new outline. I spent most of the month brainstorming and updating the new outline and passing it back to her for comments. Her insight has been amazing and I’m hyped for all the changes in the story.  With each draft of the outline, I’m getting closer to the story I want to tell. Hoping to begin drafting again in a week and I’m looking forward to diving back into this story!


Tackling Revisions

I’m using a beat sheet from Save the Cat Writes a Novel to organize my main story beats. Normally, I’m not a fan of beat sheets and character sheets but working with a mentor also means pushing myself to tackle the project using tools I wouldn’t normally consider and this has been really helpful.  Here how I’m going about the revision:

  • Reverse outline (an outline of the story before the revision. I think I’ll do a separate post on how I’m outlining)
  • Save the Cat beat sheet (outline with overview of the 15 main beats of the story)
  • Character development arc (tracking how the character drives the plot and changes at each stage of the story)
  • Mystery beat sheet (tracking the clues)
  • New outline (spreadsheet with chapter/scene breakdown)

Be safe out there folks. I’ll be at home…





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