The Inspired Writer

Lisa Kingsley – MG/YA writer

Writer’s Toolbox

The Craft of Writing

Avoid These Generic Reactions

Just What the Humping Heck is ‘Character Agency’ Anyway


A Worldbuilding Guide to Crafting Diverse Cultures

Revising Your Novel

Sooz’s Guide to Revisions, Lesson 1: What the heck did you write?

A Quick & Dirty Guide to Revising your Novel


Log Lines, Query Letters and the Dreaded Synopsis

How to Write A Novel Synopsis

How to Write a Query Letter

The Log-Line: Can You Pitch Your ENTIRE Story in ONE Sentence?


Writing the Mystery Novel

The Mystery of Mysteries: 16 Steps to Writing the Cozy Mystery

The Mystery of Mysteries: 12 Steps to Writing Traditional Mysteries

25 Things You Need to Know About Writing Mysteries


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